From the Principal

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff,

As stated in the mission statement for Our Lady of Peace School, we aim to “strengthen positive and healthy relationships contributing to the spiritual, intellectual, socio-emotional, and physical experience of our students.” Relationships are important within a school and a community – each person has their own role to play, and the system works the best when everyone is doing their job, playing their role to the best of their ability.

For our teachers: Your primary role is in ensuring and assisting each of our children in recognizing that they are God’s Beloved and that each are unrepeatable. Each student is uniquely created and loved in the eyes of God, and to help them realize that is of the utmost importance. Spread that knowledge of God’s love to your students, and teach them to become the person that God sees them as; that they were created to be. 

For our parents: As parents, you are the ones who your children spend the most time with. Children absorb and imitate their surroundings, and that gives a great deal of responsibility to all they come into contact with. Ultimately, you are the primary teachers of your children. Teach them to love and to serve others in the way that Christ does. 

For our students: You are instrumental in your own success. Your role at Our Lady of Peace is to grow not only academically but also in the five core values of this school: respect, self-discipline, responsibility, self-reliance and compassion. Treat your peers, your parents and your teachers as you want to be treated by them. Work hard, and know that you are uniquely created and loved by God. Always strive to reflect the image of God’s love, compassion, and mercy in your own lives. 

I am so blessed to be a part of Our Lady of Peace School. As Principal, I look forward to a new year full of growth –individually for our students, as families, and as a community. 


God Bless,

Fr. Lew

Principal of OLOP and Pastor of Christ the Servant Parish 




Our Lady of Peace Principal

Msgr. Lewis F. Gaetano