Faculty & Staff

Our Lady of Peace is accredited by the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association. All teachers are licensed through Ohio Department of Education.

Grade   Teacher Name   Email Address


  Kevin Henderson   olopelem@youngstowndiocese.org

Administrative Assistant

  Colette Hunter  


Curriculum Instruction Support   Dr. Susan Stewart   sstewart@youngstowndiocese.org

Family Liaison

  Sandy Dyer   cdyer@youngstowndiocese.org

Kindergarten A

  Marissa Simpson   msimpson@youngstowndiocese.org 
Kindergarten B   Jennifer Zenobi   jzenobi@youngstowndiocese.org
First Grade A   Sr. Martha Cadden   mcadden@youngstowndiocese.org
First Grade B   Michelle Wagner   mwagner@youngstowndiocese.org
Second Grade    Jennifer DiPietro   jdipietro@youngstowndiocese.org
Third Grade A   Stefanie Ady   sady@youngstowndiocese.org
Third Grade B   Kelly Kirkbride  


Fourth Grade A   Erica Hicks   ehicks@youngstowndiocese.org
Fourth Grade B   Matthew Bentley   mbentley@youngstowndiocese.org
Fifth Grade A   Leighann Duly   lduly@youngstowndiocese.org
Fifth Grade B   Rikwon Moore   rmoore@youngstowndiocese.org
Intervention Specialist   Debra Mireau   dmireau@youngstowndiocese.org

Religion (K, 2, 4)

Religion (1, 3, 5)


Sr. Rita Ouska C.D.S.

Sr. MaryAnn Perrone C.D.S.




Title 1   Pat Ernenwein   pernenwein@youngstowndiocese.org
Speech & Hearing   Susan Sparks   susancsparks1@aol.com
Title 1   Jennifer Cooper   cooperj@plainlocal.org
Title 1   Monica Harold   monica.harold@youngstowndiocese.org
Title 1   Brenda Castro   bcastro@youngstowndiocese.org
Title 1 Math   David Jones   djones@psi-ess.org 
ELL Tutor   Mary Williams   williamsm@plainlocal.org
Music   Mary Pusateri   mpusateri@youngstowndiocese.org
Music   Keith Cross   kcross@youngstowndiocese.org
Physical Education   Nick Pastore  


Physical Education Assistant   Marc Nicolas   mnicolas@youngstowndiocese.org
Guidance   Destini Freeman   dfreeman@youngstowndiocese.org
Technology   Michael Demor   mdemor@youngstowndiocese.org
Art   Kim Unsworth   kunsworth@youngstowndiocese.org
Athletics   Andrew Sarachman    
Clerk   Tessa Presutti   Presuttit@plainlocal.org
Maintenance   Jacob Steiner  


Lunch   Dawn Mora   dmora@youngstowndiocese.org

Instructing a Science Class