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Have you thought about becoming Catholic? (8/2/2015)


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Monsignor sends us a special homily from Rome

Even though he is 4,500 miles away, Monsignor Gaetano joined us for Mass today all the way from Rome! Watch Monsignor's special homily here!

Who Am I? (2/24/2015)

2014 Sacrificial Giving (2/24/2015)

Msgr. Gaetano is pleased to announce a collaboration with Walsh Education Majors and our students.  The Walsh students will be mentoring Our Lady of Peace students in utilizing technology as an ally of learning in cross curriculum course work.  The experiential and hands on classroom experience of the instructional Technology undergrad course will provide Our Lady of Peace students the opportunity to further their education as active learners with hands on classroom learning.


An announcement from Monsignor about the Sisters of Congregation coming to Our Lady of Peace School

Jori Ash, you make our school so proud. On January 19, Jori had the amazing opportunity of reciting Dr. King's - "I have a Dream" Speech at the Edward Peel Coleman SE Community Center for Canton's 39th annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. Jori was asked what the speech means to him, he responded, "I am Dr. King's Dream... I have the opportunity to receive an education and here (at OLOP) I am not judged by the color of my skin."

Jori is an amazing student athlete for OLOP - his favorite subject is Science, he loves Chinese food, and he plays on the basketball team.

Jori's dream is to become a geneticist and epidemiologist traveling the world to find the cures to diseases that plague children.

Thank you Jori for being a part of our school!

Msgr. Gaetano

Our Lady of Peace Boys Basketball Team

Congratulations to our kids on two well played games today, and to their coaches.  The first game:  OLOP 24 - Sandy Valley 7.  Second game played an hour later :  OLOP 25 - Chippewa 17. 

I was at the first game - had to leave for Saturday evening Mass. But our kids played as a team - no 'I' in the word TEAM at all.  We should all be proud of the OLOP tradition - which is continuing today. 


Msgr. Gaetano

 Msgr. Gaetano shares his thoughts on becoming A Beloved Community at Christ the Servant Parish and Our Lady of Peace School.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - January 19, 2015

A Pledge of Nonviolence we all can take!

Thank you Matt Creamer for our 5th Grade jerseys,

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Phil Menegay for the 3rd/4th grade jerseys,

The generosity is appreciated by each member of the team.  This gift is certainly one we were not expecting – but one we gratefully appreciate.  We did not have jerseys for our kids – it is nice to see them out on the court with their numbers. God bless our donors and their families during this Christmas Season.

Msgr. Gaetano


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Msgr. Lewis F. Gaetano

Pastor - Our Lady of Peace Campus