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About Us

Our Lady of Peace Pledge

As a member of the Our Lady of Peace Community, I pledge that I will strive to live each day as a Beloved Child of God.  I will actively care and respect each member of our community; I will be honest, not lie, cheat or steal, and make decisions and choices according to the teaching of Jesus.  

Core Guiding Principals

Respect: I will have respect for the integrity, dignity and diversity of our community of learning.

Responsibility: I will be responsible in the care and keeping of community in which the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual care of each student, parent, teacher and staff members is celebrated.

Community: I will care for the environment in which the safety and concern of each person is guided by the principal of nonviolence in thought, word and action.  I will make good choices, so that our whole learning community is guided by a moral vision, grounded in Catholic doctrinal and social teaching, enabling us to live  a Beatitude Way of Life.


Our Lady of Peace School serves the diverse communities of Christ the Servant Parish, Plain Township and Canton City, providing an excellent educational and formational experience to its Pre-K through eighth grade students. Our unique service learning curriculum is based on the teachings of the Catholic Church, providing our students with a moral vision to better understand the world they live in, and the ability to become servant leaders by living a beatitude way of life.


Our Lady of Peace community was established on June 27, 1952 by the decree of Bishop Emmett M. Walsh, Bishop of the Diocese of Youngstown. Through the process of merging the parishes Our Lady of Peace and Saint Paul's, the parish itself has established a new name, Christ the Servant Parish. This decree became effective on the Feast of Christ the King on November 21, 2010. Most of the early parishoners of Our Lady of Peace were from the parishes St. John and St. Peter. Today, about 900 families are a part of the Our Lady of Peace parish. Parish mass for Our Lady of Peace was first celebrated at the chapel of Sancta Clara Monastery in the early 1900's, through the first pastor, Father Paul Marceau. Ground was broken for the new church on November 8th, 1953, and the first mass was celebrated on December 8th, 1954- The feast of Mary under the title of the Immaculate Conception. The school was first staffed with the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity in 1957, and then later by the Sisters of the Humility of Mary many years later. The school now numbers about 270 students K thru 5.